Do hobbies help us get better marks?

 Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. I personally believe that hobbies allow us to de-stress  and prepare us  for the challenges at schools. I am keen on archery and I believe my hobby improves my performance at school for various reasons.

My first valid argument to support my point of view is that when I have a lot of homework and I am just ‘drowning’ in all the schoolwork, archery helps me to relax for a while.  That is when I shoot a few arrows  at a target , which takes my mind off school and just recharges my batteries.  Consequently, when I return to do my schoolwork I am filled with new motivation and energy. Since I feel more relaxed everything becomes easier and I can do my schoolwork faster and better.

 What is more, archery as a sport has taught me how to improve my focus as it requires precision, control and proper hand-eye coordination.  I can only do it well if I can relax and calm myself down.  The same applies to work at school. Since it is hard to keep focused for numerous hours when revising for tests, archery helps me to focus again and be more patient and  determined. In the long run these skills affect my marks and overall performance at school in a positive way.

All in all, I think hobbies really help us with school work as well as studying. Archery is a perfect sport for me   where I have learned many life skills such as:  how to be organised, focused, precise, calm, determined and so many more. These are skills that are essential at school as well and undoubtedly improve your marks. In my opinion, if you do not have a hobby you should take up one, it is really worth it. I would recommend archery as it really works perfectly for me.

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