Is reading books a waste of time?

There are many joyful and exciting ways to spend your free time, but is reading one of them? To a person not keen on reading, it may seem boring and pointless, however, I personally believe there are many compelling reasons why we should read that surpass other free-time activities.

If you are like me and like exploring new worlds and ideas in a fun and relaxing way, you will definitely love reading books. Many different literary genres, such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, crime stories and more are sure to satisfy everyone’s need for a good story. What is more, books expand our imagination and knowledge.

Moreover, in these modern times it is more than ever important to be good at reading, writing and speaking. These skills are emphasized at school that is why, I read books to improve my vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing and rhetoric skills. These skills help improve my academic success. Additionally, reading books in a foreign language is an amazing way to expand vocabulary, improve fluency or understand grammar.

All in all, I believe reading is a life-long passion that should be enjoyed by everyone. I would warmly recommend you to visit a library at your earliest convenience.


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