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I Wish Poem

I wish I could have it all;

I wish I had climbed that wall;

I wish I had no faults;

I wish I knew how to climb golden vaults;

I wish I could walk on clouds;

I wish there were no doubts;

I wish my friends would be happy;

I wish my mood wouldn’t always be crappy.


I wish I knew what’s next,

in this life of regret;

I wish I was sometimes gone,

so as not to think of what I’ve done;

Only when life ends,

you won’t feel the dent;

You may sleep sound,

in a cadaverous gown.


Your heart starts beating,

as the alarm begins beeping;

The nightmare has ended,

and your soul has been mended;

A new day may begin,

in your new life pristine;

Oh, how beautiful life can be,

when you finally get set free.


Lovro Korošak

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