Report on volleyball as an extra-curricular activity at Jesenice Grammar School

The aim of this report is to describe volleyball as an extra-curricular activity at Jesenice Grammar School. As a student of our school I participate in it. The main focus of this report is to provide information for any interested student reading our school website.

Basic information

Volleyball practice is organised and led by a PE teacher from our school. It takes place on Tuesdays after school in our school gym. All students that attend our school are welcome to join, regardless of their height, gender or previous   experience.

Usual practice

After the eighth lesson all students that are keen on playing  volleyball  gather in the big gym. They set up two nets and start warming up in pairs. Students are divided into two  teams,  they choose four setters to pass the ball to others that try spiking it. After a few minutes of warming up, the teams start competing. It is agreed that  the team that loses has to clean up the gym.


 There are many benefits of playing volleyball. As it is fun, the students can relax , take a break from stress and school. With regular practice students improve and enjoy the game so much more.


To sum up, volleyball as an extra-curricular activity is held in Jesenice High School’s gym every Tuesday after class for 45 minutes. If you want a fun, relaxing and a little competitive game of volleyball you are more than welcome to join.

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