A report on the field trip to Štajerska

The aim of this report is to provide information and my personal opinion of the historic –geographical field trip that was attended by 2nd classes of Jesenice Grammar School, on 31st of August to Štajerska region. The report is written for the visitors of our website and it includes descriptions about our stops in Šempeter and Celje.


Our first destination was Šempeter, where we visited the Roman Necropola. A guide showed us around the ancient graveyard, where we gained insight into the ancient Šempeter culture and the stories about the neatly decorated graves.


Our next destination was The Pekel Cave, a two level, one kilometre long cave located near the city. We were guided through the narrow cave and observed different dripstone formations until we reached the subterrean waterfall of The Peklenšica creek. On the way back our guide turned off the lights so we could experience complete darkness.


Our next destination was Celje, where we explored the medieval city centre and the castle. We explored various remains of the city centre and learnt about its history. Furthermore, we took a bus to the hill – situated Celje castle, where we were taught about its colourful past.


In conclusion, we went to the Štajerska region, where we explored the Roman Necropola, the Pekel Cave and the city of Celje with its castle. It was a pleasant experience where many historical facts were learned and colourful places explored.


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